Westgate Cottage – Self Catering holiday cottage, Isle of Wight

Set in St Lawrence, a recognised area of outstanding natural beauty near the south point of the Isle of Wight

Location of Westgate Cottage self catering holiday cottage on the Isle of Wight

westgate-cottage-mapWestgate Cottage is situated in the beautiful village St Lawrence just outside Ventnor on the Undercliffe Drive which is a quiet road joining Ventnor to Niton, running parallel to the sea.

If you think about the Isle of Wight as a squashed diamond shape, St Catherine’s Point and Lighthouse mark the Southern point and Westgate Cottage on the coast just a couple of miles to the East of here.

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Carrying on travelling East from St Lawrence you’ll first pass through Ventnor, then Shanklin, then Sandown before arriving at the Eastern end and Bembridge.

Travelling West from Westgate Cottage you’ll pass through Niton, then Chale, then Freshwater before arriving at the Needles

The south side of the island is much quieter and is likened to England in the 1950’s and in my opinion, in general a much nicer and quieter option than the north side.

From Westgate Cottage it’s only a short walk to both the top and bottom coastal paths from where there are many lovely walks including through the Botanical Gardens and Steephill Cove to Ventnor and beyond or to Ventnor, Niton or Whitwell from the top coastal path

The Isle of Wight

500px-Flag_of_the_Isle_of_Wight.svg[1]For those of you not familiar with the Isle of Wight, it’s an island of the south coast of England roughly half-way between Cornwall in the West and East Kent in the East.

The island is between 2 and 5 miles from the mainland and is usually accessed by ferry (or hovercraft) from either Southampton, Portsmouth, Southsea or Lymington – there are no major airports and certainly no bridges to the island!

It’s approximately 148 square miles in area with 57 miles of coastline

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