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Set in St Lawrence, a recognised area of outstanding natural beauty near the south point of the Isle of Wight

Places to visit whilst at Westgate Cottage

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If you’re visiting the Isle of Wight, chances are you’re going to be driving there. It’s an island with no real airport, international ferry links, or direct train service so the easiest and most convenient way to travel there is by car.

Also, Westgate Cottage is in quite a remote location – even by Isle of Wight standards – in a village just outside Ventnor at the southern point of the island. There is a bus service; however, when you’re going on holiday, lugging your bags around on a bus probably isn’t most people’s ideal start to holiday!

Once you’re there, however, you certainly can leave your car on the drive and go exploring on foot.

Westgate Cottage is on a little private lane off the road connecting Ventnor to Niton. Not so long ago it was an important connecting route between the two towns, however, due to ongoing coastal erosion, part of the road has partly slipped into the sea and the local council has decided that it’s probably not worth it – or maybe simply not possible – to repair the road. As such, the Undercliffe Drive is quite a quiet road meaning that the fact that there are no pavements is not such a problem. Having said that, you’ll not actually have to walk along the road much if you know the right routes!

Firstly, why not pop to Whitwell for a pint and maybe lunch? Cross Undercliffe Drive and head into the woods. Follow the path as it heads upwards. Take the style on the left as the path levels out and follow the winding path as it starts to head up the hill and cliff. There are quite a few steps but you’ll shortly reach the top of the cliff to be greeted with stunning views. Follow the path keeping the sea on your left as it crosses St Lawrence Chute and, after 5 or 10 minutes when you get to a right-hand turn, follow the signs to Whitwell. When the path reaches the road, you’ve got around 300 yards or so along the road, past the church, and you’ll get to the White Horse Inn on your left. This walk takes between 25 and 40 minutes depending on how quickly you walk. It’s recommended to keep dogs on a lead along the cliff path.

Secondly, how about a lovely walk to Ventnor along the bottom coastal path? Head over Undercliffe Drive again into Pelham Woods but turn right this time. Follow this path parallel to the road until it goes up some steps, take a left at the top and turn right when you reach the road. When you get to the bottom of the road you’re back onto Undercliffe Drive. Turn left onto the little island made by the meandering road then walk across the road heading down the track signposted ‘coastal path’. At the bottom of this path you’ll find the coastal path with the botanical gardens on your left and the path heading off to Orchard Bay on the right. Turn left and follow this path for a couple of miles until you firstly reach the Spyglass in Ventnor on the Esplanade. A bit further on you’ll get to the Met Bar which also welcomes dogs but it does great tapas and wine. This walk will take you between 35 and 55 minutes depending on how quickly you walk.

Thirdly, why not go for a pint at the Buddle, Niton? Head into Pelham Woods again, up to the top coast path, then follow this path for a couple of miles keeping the sea on your left until you descend into Niton. Before you reach the road, take a left and head down through the little tunnels to the road. Turn left then take the first right. Follow the road down for a couple of hundred yards until you reach the Buddle Inn on your right.

Alternative destinations are Ventnor town by taking the old railway track in Pelham Woods near the style mentioned earlier, the White Lion in Niton by turning right instead of left when you reach the road as mentioned in the Buddle walk, nip into the cricket club for a pint by following the Undercliffe Drive towards Ventnor from the island in the road as mentioned in the Ventnor walk above, or why not simply explore a couple of the remote beaches from the bottom coastal path by turning right instead of left when you reach the sea as mentioned in the Ventnor walk?

On the other hand, if you do find yourself without a car for whatever reason, you can book yourself a hire car. Although the mobile signal isn’t particularly good, the cottage has Wi-Fi making it quick and easy to book your car hire online. Closest towns for car hire are Sandown, Newport, or Yarmouth.

An online car rental comparison website will do all the work for you. Simply enter your location, the type of car you’re looking for, and how long you need it for and the search engine will do all the work for you comparing numerous suppliers to locate great deals.

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